About Me

To understand me today, you have to know my story. So here goes!

I suffered from extreme anxiety and depression from the ages of 11 – 19. When I was 17 I hit my lowest point and was hospitalized for one week. No one understands what it is like to have anxiety and depression until t hey themselves do. However, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone just so I could be understood. I tried a bunch of different medications throughout the years, none of them really working. I only experienced rare side effects and gained over 40 pounds. I was always tiny as a child. When I eventually got to 177 pounds on my small 5’0 frame, I knew I needed to make a change.  Change will never come, unless you want it and are ready for it. For years I knew I was overweight but I was never ready to address it and do something about it. I was getting sick all the time, I was having constant acid reflux, my periods were irregular, I was anxious and depressed and I became an emotional eater. I was irrational.

I cut out everything from my diet. I cut out sugar, I cut out processed food. I cut out dairy. I ate only things I made myself. I ate only chicken/turkey/eggs and salmon with green vegetables. For one month I didn’t eat potatoes or any grains and I slowly added them back in. The weight was melting off. At first I was losing about 3 pounds or more a week. It started to slow and that’s when I began to feel sick again with acid reflux taking over. My anxiety was getting worse, feeling like I was going to drop dead. I began CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) to help retrain my brain to become more positive. Eventually a day came where I didn’t have one anxious thought. It felt like a miracle.

I made both a health conscious and ethical decision to switch to a vegan a.k.a plant based diet. I lost 35 more pounds after switching. My head became clearer, my energy increased. I had no more acid reflux. I lost a total of 65 pounds within a year on this journey to better health.

Nutrition, wellness and spirituality became my passion. I wanted to help other people feel the way I felt. I enrolled in a holistic nutrition coach program at Nutraphoria so I can become what I am today, someone to guide and support you to your optimal health. Not only can I help with nutrition, but I feel that as a survivor of mental health issues, I can help you take control of your own life. It has been over 4 years that I have been plant based and I have never felt more clear headed, energized and most of all happy. When you eat food that is alive, that is organic, that is whole, and you live your life holistically, you feel alive, you feel energized and you allow your body to function optimally.

I am your future holistic nutrition and wellness coach, Megan Caplan.


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