Consultations can happen via various methods such as over the phone or via Skype.

These sessions are for people who are looking for help to reach their wellness goals, who need some support and motivation to get healthy, or for someone looking to transition to a plant based diet.

During our consultation we will talk about your diet and lifestyle, 24-hour recall of food-intake, goals and concerns, and go over the intake assessment forms you will receive prior to the consultation. It is a judgement free zone where an honest and respectable relationship can form. This is a step-by-step process where there is no cookie cutter solution. Healing takes time and is influenced by mind, body and spirit.

Please know that in between sessions I’m available via email/text for any additional questions you may have. Think of me not only as your guide to better health but as a supportive friend as well!

Out for dinner and need help deciding the healthiest option to order? I’m a text away!

Having a hard day and nothing seems to be going to plan, I’m there to support and motivate you!

Monthly sessions:

1 session –  $110  –

This is great if you feel you’re healthy but need a little bit of an update and want to take your health one step higher. Meal plan and lifestyle recommendations will be made.

2 sessions – $205  –

This is the best option for someone who is starting on the path towards better health but needs more guidance. Diet and lifestyle recommendations will be made. The second session would be to modify anything that needs to be changed based on results.

3 sessions – $280  –

This is the option for people who really need to make a big change, are currently suffering from many symptoms and where the set plan will need to be adjusted as we go.

Sessions are up to 1 hr. 30 minutes long.

Contact me if you’re unsure which plan is the best for you!


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